Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HAUL:random shop in BB

yeS!every girls,women will say yeS 2 shoppinG!love it?i love it today i go shopping with my love at here some stuff that i bought for my self!

Vintage necklace got from TS $10 only..owh ya d heart shaped pendant can be open n can put picture on it..dats d reason why i bought it..
Small owl pendant necklace from TS $10
Heart Shape long necklace from TS $10
3Pair of earring
Forever 21 ring
Korean made wacth from Fahrenheit

This is all my shirt i bought today..all got from Fahrenheit..
Vintage extra sized shirt
Black zebra print shirt
Black zebra print shirt
Black white long singlet ^_*
Brown half shirt
and here!my brown heels got from The Mines..[not around BB,but i put here also oke]

and i love it all!<3 c ya!

OOTD: Shopping Time! 8th March 11

Eye makeup:Black and Brown color blended 2getha
purple contact lense by Colour Lense on FB
Gold color earring got from The Mines

Top from Fortune
Brown belt from Fortune
Leopard Print heels from Summit for $80
White cut out stripe from TS $39 only
Dun forget my Bf too..=)
Top from F.O.S
Jeans Armani Exchange
thats it!<3 c ya!

OOTD: Shopping Time! 7th March 11

So this is my look 2 go shopping wif my Bf at The hair just turn out like that because i used 2 tie up my hair and slept on tomorrow morning,its turn like that..just a soft waves look..=)
things i wear:
Plain Black Top
Polkadot skirt from TS for only $25
Brown Belt from Fortune
F.Timber Handbag gift from my BF

FOTD:Go Shopping

So,this is my face of d day!haha

Just enjoy d day wif my luvly one..<3 love u!

OOTD: Perak-Wedding

hey this is d 1st of my ootd[outfit of d day]..

Earring got from TS..only $10 for 3 earring
Purple Contact lense by Colour Lense in FB
Studded Top got from The Mines
Glasses Papa's own
Im wearing d black tight
Polkadot flip flop dat my mom bought in Telok Intan,Perak

and mama n papa too!
mama: Top from Playerz
papa:Top from Istanbul my brother bought it for him

for the wedding,i wear this red Kurung with round chrome earring
Big ring from Forever 21 cost only $20

so,thats it! i love d way how i look!*teheee <3

Room:My room

This is my room..i've change it a lil bit..but the most thing that i love is that tiger printed blankets..but for sure,d pink veil will be replace 2 d leopard print veil..=)

this is only my closet..on top i put my jeweleries box, perfumes and teddies..oh ya,there is a gift from my beloved besty,Fara..d heart shape chocolates box.. its been abou 3years mybe..<3 thanks darling..

and also here is my most love sweater..<3

and also d view of my front room with dat lil yellow heart shaped chairs..<2 *wink2

Tips on heels: "Gorgie Heels Gone Bad"

Gorgeous ha?hihi i love it much..this heels i got inspired by Cristian Louboutin Leopard Print i've been searching for this heels into 3 malls in KL..from Sunway Piramid-Ou-ioi Mall..i am obsessed with d leopard print so finally i got this..but d thing is that, this heels makes me sick!the gorgie now turning BaD!

I was going to shopping with my Bf in BB..but then this heels make my feet always come out from it..d lower cut of it back make me annoyed..2 prevent that,i've then buy d gel cushion from gardient..this is how d gel look like..its not dat good as i have use it..=)

but..again..d thing is that this gel cushion also make me it is a gel, i makes my feet more slippery on that..but still, i just walk on it and just enjoy my shopping!

DIY-Feather Heels

Like it peeps?hope u guys like it like i do..=) so basically this my old wedges..been 1year sumtin..sorry that i didnt have d before look..but u guys can imagine it without all those feathers,leopard print,and d darker brown color of the just like before, i turned it myself..

Things needed:
1)Feather[any feather u like 2]
2)Dark brown wooden paint
4)Leopard Print Sticker
6)Some paper

How to:
1)Cover all the section of ur wedges that u dun want to be painted
3)Paint the wedges with the brush
4)Let it dry for about 1-2hours
5)After that,glue the feather on ur wedges
6)Let the glue dry and u can enjoy walking!

Here is the look of my DIY feather wedges..oh ya,u might be wondered where i got all those feather i bought it from The Mines,costing only about rm20..happy try!=)

DIY-Pink Heels with Bow

DIY-I have some kind of 1-day-only-used black pumps that i used 2 buy just for my IT-Sharing Day in i've been thinking of turning that pumps into pink!and that the result..mybe this tips can help u guys on doing so change 2 ur old shoes..=)

Things needed:
1)Spray or Clothes Paint
2)Brushes if needed
3)Glue[hot glue gun also can]
5)Paper to wrap heels

How to:
1)Make sure that ur heels clean
2)Wrap the section of ur heels that u dun want to be paint to
3)Start to spray or apply paint to ur heels
4)Let the paint dry for about 1hour or less.[mine use spray needed only 15mins 2 dry]
5)Take the bow and glue it on ur heels

*Tadaaa! u got ur new pink pump!u should try it out with any color u wants..=)

DIY-accessories organizer

Having a problem in organizing ur accessories? i can give u guys idea on how u can keep well alll ur stuff like earing, rings, bangle, necklace and all.. i also got d same problem until i found d best way i can kept all my accessories well it is!

Sorry dat its look kind a messy..haha ignore d things infront of it..its my make up, i just use this basket case kinda like sumthing that use 2 be put on ur bath room..or kitchen mybe..i only bought it for only rm7 sumtin from multipurpose store..

like u can see there, on d 1st tray i use 2 put all my bracelet, bangle and also my rings..
d 2nd tray i put my nail polish stuff and also at d back there if u can see,i put my rings d last tray below i used it 2 put my studded earing[in a box], sun glasses, and my other stuff like brushes and eyebrow trimming stuff[in a bowl,likely]..

As u can see, i hang all my earrings all around the it is not enough space there, i use my headband 2 hang all my others earring..i also use it 2 hang my necklace..So,i hope this can help u guys on how u can organize ur accessories ..<3

Need a Change..

So girls..lately i've been thinking to make a change 2 d function of my blog..i used to post a news about me or what d things going on but from now on, i've a better idea on what act i can do with this d answer is..



Hope i can do this thing long..hihi enjoy it! <3
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