Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be-Inspired by Kinga Sektas

Hey dearies..
i was checkin out the Youtube and i found this one girl, she owned her own handmade accessories boutique,photography and make up..the things that i like about her is that all the handmade accessories is so cathin me.. especially de earrings..
lets me share some picture of it oke..=)

and the make up makeover too..=)

I made mine too..hihi

not much review here but u can go visit her page at FB:

or visit their web site:

*i wish someday i could own my own boutique too..aminn..


HAUL: Bird nest Candle Holder

Hello girlfie..=)
so this is not a 'BIG' haul entry..hihi only 'ONE' item which i bought from metro kajang yesterday i got this bird nest candle holder at the Romantika decor homes store..
i was like 'urgghhh which one i want to buy'..bcoz u know wut they got so many design which if only i have a lot of money then i will definitely buy them all!

i was confused of choosing between this chrome bird nest,white chandelier like ,then got diomand2,bling2 and etc at least 5 or 6 design..and at last i decided to buy this one..if i buy the white or silver 1 im afraid if the candles will burn the color out..*weheee

*i love it!!!

and i love me..hihi mwahhhh!

Thanks guys!


Im 20!!yeay me!

7th October 2011
yeay!its my bufday..*weheeee
so as planned by Mr.Boyfriends and friend..we are having a day out and its a karaoke time+my bufday celebration..
im glad to have such a sweet and lovely bf and friends..=)

*i got this makeup box from eyda..

Thanks babe..

*thanks to mr boyfriend for u..=)

and not o forget my other friends..Chubby,azim,kiki and them all..mwahhhh!

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