Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tips on heels: "Gorgie Heels Gone Bad"

Gorgeous ha?hihi i love it much..this heels i got inspired by Cristian Louboutin Leopard Print i've been searching for this heels into 3 malls in KL..from Sunway Piramid-Ou-ioi Mall..i am obsessed with d leopard print so finally i got this..but d thing is that, this heels makes me sick!the gorgie now turning BaD!

I was going to shopping with my Bf in BB..but then this heels make my feet always come out from it..d lower cut of it back make me annoyed..2 prevent that,i've then buy d gel cushion from gardient..this is how d gel look like..its not dat good as i have use it..=)

but..again..d thing is that this gel cushion also make me it is a gel, i makes my feet more slippery on that..but still, i just walk on it and just enjoy my shopping!

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