Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DIY-accessories organizer

Having a problem in organizing ur accessories? i can give u guys idea on how u can keep well alll ur stuff like earing, rings, bangle, necklace and all.. i also got d same problem until i found d best way i can kept all my accessories well it is!

Sorry dat its look kind a messy..haha ignore d things infront of it..its my make up, i just use this basket case kinda like sumthing that use 2 be put on ur bath room..or kitchen mybe..i only bought it for only rm7 sumtin from multipurpose store..

like u can see there, on d 1st tray i use 2 put all my bracelet, bangle and also my rings..
d 2nd tray i put my nail polish stuff and also at d back there if u can see,i put my rings d last tray below i used it 2 put my studded earing[in a box], sun glasses, and my other stuff like brushes and eyebrow trimming stuff[in a bowl,likely]..

As u can see, i hang all my earrings all around the it is not enough space there, i use my headband 2 hang all my others earring..i also use it 2 hang my necklace..So,i hope this can help u guys on how u can organize ur accessories ..<3

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