Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OOTD:Go Malaysia!

Go Harimau Melaya! so last few days before Ramadhan, me,my boyfriend n his other friends was going 2 watch d Malaysia-Singapore football match for FIFa 2014! unfortunately Malaysia lost 2 Singapore 2-1..But still,i got a OOTD review on this event!*weheee

n hey dats me!ignore the look 'How fat am i"..so at first,i thought is it oke if i go to stadium wearing high heels?(the jeans heels look much more nice if i wear with this) but then,'STADIUM' and 'FOOTBALL'?haha i am out of my mind..i just dun mind how many stairs that i need to climb up to search 4 a seat but,i've been thinking of 'what if we park d car far away from the stadium?' urghhh i hate it if i need to walk far with heels(i mean no aircond around!-shopping mall only got aircond whenever n how far it is if i go shooping)haha so i will get tired n 'HOT'..and the answer is 'NO WAY!'..

So like d picture said,i am only wearing my Brown Studed Flat that i got for my self early this year..(ages) n i am just wearing my jeans..dats it!as simple as that!

ahha!not too forget!d BOYFRIEND too! likes handbag,i've to always have him around no matter i go..(its like being awkward if i'm not bringing my handbag,same goes to him) *weheee so as u can see up-toe,my boyfie just wear d Malaysia shirts wif his short pants and canvas shoes!

above is my old school mate..Fatin and Piqa..they're both sweet..<3

so,no matter what even Malaysia lost to Singapore,im proud to be Malaysian! Lot of Love! <3

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