Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Room Updated+ Lappy+ Phone new Look

Hey peeps!so today i will share wif u guys on my room update..This 'LIP-LAP' lamp(dats what i call it)..haha so i got this Lip Lap from giant..i've been searching for the big one but couldnt find it..like this..>>
So, i just bought this silk ball lamp from giant since that i cant wait 2 have it!this lamp is kinda small than d big one..this lamp i think is for a Christmas decoration lamp because,when i have it,it have leaf on each lamp..i dun like it so i cut off all the leaf and just leave the silk ball lamp..also have there in giant is the rice flash lamp..haaa u guys must know what it is right?"Lampu Lip Lap Raye!" but i dun like it for my room..tq..=P

"a room is like a stage.If you see it without lighting,it can be the coldest place in the world"
-Paul Lynde

Next is my lappy and handphone new look..I made it myself..I like it how it both turn so lovely,girly,wildly,pinky and so other lyly~..


OUCHHHH!damn!hihi so below this is the look before i transform it into PINK ZEBRAas ..ouh ya ignore the LEOPARD at the left picture as the look is no more for my lappy(been a year)..i've change the skin with a blink-blink swarovski..like the one you can see at my laptop screen..=)

Thanks Love!
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