Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DIY-Feather Heels

Like it peeps?hope u guys like it like i do..=) so basically this my old wedges..been 1year sumtin..sorry that i didnt have d before look..but u guys can imagine it without all those feathers,leopard print,and d darker brown color of the just like before, i turned it myself..

Things needed:
1)Feather[any feather u like 2]
2)Dark brown wooden paint
4)Leopard Print Sticker
6)Some paper

How to:
1)Cover all the section of ur wedges that u dun want to be painted
3)Paint the wedges with the brush
4)Let it dry for about 1-2hours
5)After that,glue the feather on ur wedges
6)Let the glue dry and u can enjoy walking!

Here is the look of my DIY feather wedges..oh ya,u might be wondered where i got all those feather i bought it from The Mines,costing only about rm20..happy try!=)

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