Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DIY-Pink Heels with Bow

DIY-I have some kind of 1-day-only-used black pumps that i used 2 buy just for my IT-Sharing Day in i've been thinking of turning that pumps into pink!and that the result..mybe this tips can help u guys on doing so change 2 ur old shoes..=)

Things needed:
1)Spray or Clothes Paint
2)Brushes if needed
3)Glue[hot glue gun also can]
5)Paper to wrap heels

How to:
1)Make sure that ur heels clean
2)Wrap the section of ur heels that u dun want to be paint to
3)Start to spray or apply paint to ur heels
4)Let the paint dry for about 1hour or less.[mine use spray needed only 15mins 2 dry]
5)Take the bow and glue it on ur heels

*Tadaaa! u got ur new pink pump!u should try it out with any color u wants..=)

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