Thursday, June 30, 2011

College Time2!

So hey,im back here in school..hehe so fyi,4 d pointer last semester,i score 3.6 for my GPA..i've only takes 3subject..which i got a+,a and b..why b??haha nvermind then..

So d above picture is me,in boyfie car..waiting for him meet his acedemic week bcause i didnt print out my reg slip yet..just playing around with his webby..hehe oh ya btw,this is my last sem will be degree..hihi so wish us luck!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Room: LiL skuLLy!

haha i am not d skull..i am FAT!
So this is my lil luvly cute skull box container..

i bought it for only $ cheap huh..hehe i use it to place all my brushes, eyeliners, lipliners and else..
and this is my make up..i put it in a basket..i love it!<3

OOTD: visiT my siSta in school

mama n i go for a visit o my lil sis at her school..haha i dun kno why dat i dressed up all d way like im going to a mall..or mybe i just cant stand it being 2weeks only staying at thats it!
*hush hush blush blush!
im wearing d gold polkadot vintage earrings.

above: owl pendant necklace[my bf choose it 4 me]i love it! couple ring & biG ring from Forever21
which 1 suit me well?hehe
1)my own leopard print shades
2)my mom black shades

So guys,end of this post..hope u guys enjoy!<3


So..sem break..what else..hmm so for d first week of my study break, me,mama n lil sista go 4 a walk in TS..yeah so dats all i got for my self..nothing much..hehe <3

OOTD: S.B Shopping time2! this time i go shopping with my mom n my lil sister..We've planned on going 2 TS and BB but then we just spend time in mom get message there..but still,enjoy!
Eyes: Grey contact lense by Colour Lense

Me: Top-Zebra print[Fahrenheit 88] Belt[Fortune] Jeans[Sg Wang] Heels[Esarli] Big Ring[Forever 21] Earrings[The Mines]
Sister: Top[Playerz] Sling Bag [Clarks] Jeans [Mom give] Sneakers[Playerz]
Mom: [i dun know where she got all of it]*teheee

Sem Break: GardeninG!

So yeah..again..sem break..whats more that can i do?d answer is.....this!
haha..dun get shock..i am not d one who does all this dad..i just look and do nothing actually..

Oh dats my dad! <3

so u know wut, i just love to take photo..snap here,snap there..just dat is i dont have d appropriate camera to take all those beautiful camera..can i have 1?mybe?..=P

*all been captured only by my lil digital camera

Room: Random Things in my Room!

1)This little cute teddy with strawberry ear cover
2) This bunch of magazine
4)Perfumes, Body musk , Basket of accessories, Pink bear mirror
5) Glass of earrings

FOTD: Sem Break!

So this semester break!got nothing to do at home..this is it!1..2..3..snap2!=P

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time for sem-Break!*weeeheee

So here, we r going back 2 my hometown..bieby just sent me home..=) on our ways 2 get bentong, we bought this simple but delicious pizza..hihi giant pizza..nyumm2..nice! <3

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HAUL:random shop in BB

yeS!every girls,women will say yeS 2 shoppinG!love it?i love it today i go shopping with my love at here some stuff that i bought for my self!

Vintage necklace got from TS $10 only..owh ya d heart shaped pendant can be open n can put picture on it..dats d reason why i bought it..
Small owl pendant necklace from TS $10
Heart Shape long necklace from TS $10
3Pair of earring
Forever 21 ring
Korean made wacth from Fahrenheit

This is all my shirt i bought today..all got from Fahrenheit..
Vintage extra sized shirt
Black zebra print shirt
Black zebra print shirt
Black white long singlet ^_*
Brown half shirt
and here!my brown heels got from The Mines..[not around BB,but i put here also oke]

and i love it all!<3 c ya!

OOTD: Shopping Time! 8th March 11

Eye makeup:Black and Brown color blended 2getha
purple contact lense by Colour Lense on FB
Gold color earring got from The Mines

Top from Fortune
Brown belt from Fortune
Leopard Print heels from Summit for $80
White cut out stripe from TS $39 only
Dun forget my Bf too..=)
Top from F.O.S
Jeans Armani Exchange
thats it!<3 c ya!

OOTD: Shopping Time! 7th March 11

So this is my look 2 go shopping wif my Bf at The hair just turn out like that because i used 2 tie up my hair and slept on tomorrow morning,its turn like that..just a soft waves look..=)
things i wear:
Plain Black Top
Polkadot skirt from TS for only $25
Brown Belt from Fortune
F.Timber Handbag gift from my BF

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