Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fake Call

"He is all about me,me,me,me..And im all about him,him,him,him,him..~!"Lisa phones ringing..On the phone screen appears 'BABY',her boyfriend..Lisa pick her phone and start to smile..

Danny:"Hey love..what are u doing..I miss u dear.."
Lisa:"I miss u too..I really want to meet u.."
Danny:"Oh dear..Just close your eyes whenever and anytime i will be there in front of u..
Lisa:"Okey if u say so..I will close my eyes now.."
[She close her eyes and then tears come out]
Lisa:"Danny,i've already close my eyes but still,u didn't come to me.."
Danny:"hahahhaha..Lisa u are so cute..how can i appear in front of u when i'am not even there for u now..
Lisa:"How could u lie to me.."[Her tears come out fast]
Danny:"Love..I don't want to hear u cry now..Please..stop crying.."
Danny:"I promise u dear i will be there for u..Remember what i said to u before..I said no matter what happen and we will still together until forever and for the next chapter of our life.."
Lisa:"Thank you baby..wish u could be here..I miss your warm hug.."
Danny:"Love,i hope you can take care of your self when i am not around..u must be strong to live ur life..I'm afraid that i can't be the best for u.."
Lisa:"Bab,why u say so?u have promise me that u will never leave me right..I am not afraid as long as u are here with me.."
Danny:"Im sorry babe,I'm afraid I cant fulfill the promise i made to u..but,even if u can't see me anymore,just remember one thing that my love for u will never end and i will always byy ur side..I love u,always.."

The call has ended..Lisa cries so hard that she miss her boyfriend so much..
KNOCK!KNOCK!KNOCK!her mom knock her the door.
"Lisa..who are u talking to at this late night honey?"..her mom saw her crying and sit beside her tries to calm her daughter..

Lisa:"Mom..its Danny who call me..I miss him so much mom.."
Mom:"Oh my god dear..It just a dream okay honey..Impossible its Danny.."
Lisa:"No mom..its Danny who I talk to just now.."
Mom:"Honey..forget Danny..i can't stand to see u like this.."
Lisa:"Mom!its Danny who called me..I swear.."
Mom:"Look, Danny is now not with us anymore..u need to accept that honey.."
Lisa:"No mom..No!i will call him back.."

"Hello Im Danny,I cant answer your call now..please leave ur massage oke!bye2!"

Lisa dialed her boyfriend no and she cant reach her boyfriend..she start to cry again..

Lisa:"Mom i cant reach him.."
Mom:"Honey..it is impossible for Danny to call u..u need ur rest now.."
Lisa:"Okay mom..Good night.."

Lisa take her phone and see the called from Danny in the call log..and now she know how can she talk to Danny..Its the FAKE CALL button on her hand phone that Danny have record for her just before he died..

Lisa close her eyes and wish Danny could be there with her.."I love u baby..Hope to see u tonight.."

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