Saturday, July 9, 2011

Miss Him 4 two days~

*weheeeeee! its been 2days my bieby is not around..going back 2 SB..huk2 mish him oledy oke..hmm got nothing 2 do so i just take my pens and start 2 draw this pixa above..hehe kinda messy drawing but still, i just dun care..i mish him..dats all..<3 sarange!

Webbie Attack!

So hey, FB got video call..huhu so just now i have this conversation with luvly Tira here in FB..hehe she like 2 call me like "akak..akak..."hehe sweet..nice 2 know her..oh ya,u can even call her 'Laughing Princess'! she love 2 laugh u know..=)

n hey!dats me..huhu btw,lil sis Tira..just 2 let u know..sis just feel so glad that i know d sweet girl like u even here in FB..muacksx!!! [xoxo]

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