Saturday, August 27, 2011

WastingTime: sing-Who say

Hey this is actually the video of the same day like my previous post..just that this time is my sis sing the song Who say by Selena..=)

p/s: that girl behind is only pretending like she 's d one that played the guitar..*weheee


Friday, August 26, 2011

love you like a love song

haha this is another "Wasting Time" time with my lil sis..sorry this video is awful..haha wrongly sing also!but still,just for fun..=)

*random pixa from me..hihi



Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hey this is my 1st Vlog on this blog..please dun laugh..and sorry for the bad quality+small size of this video..=)

*if anything to ask then dun forget to leave a comments oke..


Hair Do!=)


*The picture explained everything..*uhuk2


OOTD: College time!

Hey babes..gosh seems like ages I didnt update my this is actually have to be '2weeks before' post but i only can update it today..So,nothing much here but just an OOTD review for my outfit for college.=)

What am i wearing?
*Leopard print top
*Black Skirt
*Black legging

*the up-toe look

*F21 Vintage ring
*Leopard Print Bangle
*Vintage Heart shape long necklace

So dats it baby..=) mwahhhh!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Break-Fast wif them

Hey yesterday i and boyfriend having a Break-Fast wif his family at Santai Restaurant Tmn so glad to know his cousin..they're just so luvly..Thanks to untie and uncle too..=) mwahhhh!

d sweetest siblings =)

His parents..=)

*candid here!haha bf talking to his cousin..=)

d sweet Athirah and her mom-mak teh

*d Family <3
his parents house..=)

Have a nice day with them all..Mwahhhhh!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

OOTD: Putrajaya

hey2!back to putrajaya!hihi d previous post is also at Putrajaya..and again, today me n boyfie went to putrajaya just for fun..*weheee..(boring)

huh? *grrrr

on me:
-Green top(i forgot where i get it)
-Jeans(mum gift)
-Jeans Heels
-Totes bag by Decellini(link below)

-Shirt by Seed
-Shorts pant,Canvas Shoes from F.O.S


Dats all girls..

OOTD: Jualan Gudang Putrajaya

hey yesterday,i went to putrajaya wif my big sales for hari raya..I just bought handbag there..Decellini..So lets me show u some picture here..=)

What im wearing is:
-Vintage top got from Fahrenheit
-White jeans
-Vintage totes bag
-Vintage earrings

<3 boyfriend!

On boyfie:
-Cap by Billabong
-Top, Jeans , Canvas shoes from F.O.S

psssttt..addin here for my earring haul..*weheee as u can see those 4 earrings,i got it from uncle i dun know who his name is..but he came open a booth at my college..=)


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No body But Me..

hello all..=) ouch dun be surprise here..hihi this is me..erin..cimieko..oke! in this post,i just want to show u guys the 3ways how i wear this shawl..(yes!i am free hair,but will definitely wear this once i ready..)

so lets check it out..hihi

Look 1

Look 2

look 3

so dats it!just wish for the best..=) aminnn..


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Room Updated+ Lappy+ Phone new Look

Hey peeps!so today i will share wif u guys on my room update..This 'LIP-LAP' lamp(dats what i call it)..haha so i got this Lip Lap from giant..i've been searching for the big one but couldnt find this..>>
So, i just bought this silk ball lamp from giant since that i cant wait 2 have it!this lamp is kinda small than d big one..this lamp i think is for a Christmas decoration lamp because,when i have it,it have leaf on each lamp..i dun like it so i cut off all the leaf and just leave the silk ball lamp..also have there in giant is the rice flash lamp..haaa u guys must know what it is right?"Lampu Lip Lap Raye!" but i dun like it for my room..tq..=P

"a room is like a stage.If you see it without lighting,it can be the coldest place in the world"
-Paul Lynde

Next is my lappy and handphone new look..I made it myself..I like it how it both turn so lovely,girly,wildly,pinky and so other lyly~..


OUCHHHH!damn!hihi so below this is the look before i transform it into PINK ZEBRAas ..ouh ya ignore the LEOPARD at the left picture as the look is no more for my lappy(been a year)..i've change the skin with a blink-blink the one you can see at my laptop screen..=)

Thanks Love!
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