Monday, June 27, 2011

Room: LiL skuLLy!

haha i am not d skull..i am FAT!
So this is my lil luvly cute skull box container..

i bought it for only $ cheap huh..hehe i use it to place all my brushes, eyeliners, lipliners and else..
and this is my make up..i put it in a basket..i love it!<3

OOTD: visiT my siSta in school

mama n i go for a visit o my lil sis at her school..haha i dun kno why dat i dressed up all d way like im going to a mall..or mybe i just cant stand it being 2weeks only staying at thats it!
*hush hush blush blush!
im wearing d gold polkadot vintage earrings.

above: owl pendant necklace[my bf choose it 4 me]i love it! couple ring & biG ring from Forever21
which 1 suit me well?hehe
1)my own leopard print shades
2)my mom black shades

So guys,end of this post..hope u guys enjoy!<3


So..sem break..what else..hmm so for d first week of my study break, me,mama n lil sista go 4 a walk in TS..yeah so dats all i got for my self..nothing much..hehe <3

OOTD: S.B Shopping time2! this time i go shopping with my mom n my lil sister..We've planned on going 2 TS and BB but then we just spend time in mom get message there..but still,enjoy!
Eyes: Grey contact lense by Colour Lense

Me: Top-Zebra print[Fahrenheit 88] Belt[Fortune] Jeans[Sg Wang] Heels[Esarli] Big Ring[Forever 21] Earrings[The Mines]
Sister: Top[Playerz] Sling Bag [Clarks] Jeans [Mom give] Sneakers[Playerz]
Mom: [i dun know where she got all of it]*teheee

Sem Break: GardeninG!

So yeah..again..sem break..whats more that can i do?d answer is.....this!
haha..dun get shock..i am not d one who does all this dad..i just look and do nothing actually..

Oh dats my dad! <3

so u know wut, i just love to take photo..snap here,snap there..just dat is i dont have d appropriate camera to take all those beautiful camera..can i have 1?mybe?..=P

*all been captured only by my lil digital camera

Room: Random Things in my Room!

1)This little cute teddy with strawberry ear cover
2) This bunch of magazine
4)Perfumes, Body musk , Basket of accessories, Pink bear mirror
5) Glass of earrings

FOTD: Sem Break!

So this semester break!got nothing to do at home..this is it!1..2..3..snap2!=P
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