Thursday, August 4, 2011

OOTD+HAUL: College Time2!

hey baby!so today i have an IP class,Lab class is on 11am but then i woke up on 10.10am..OMG i didnt do any revision yet for my lab test..but luckily, i do it very well..=)
So,thinking 2 make an OOTD for today then before i got to class..SNAP2!*weheee
also to be reviewed here is my HAUL-The Mines

*peace baby!

*leopard print bangle

*Vintage wired headband(Rm 5)

* Vintage blue cocktail ring(Rm 10)

*Vintage totes bag

*the up-toe look..=P

and not to forget!!!!!EYDA my bff here in KLIUC..muackhx2!

*Pinocio and cocktail vintage ring
Oh ya..yesterday when i go shopping at The Mines,i fell in love with a Peep-Toe wedges!in red with the wooden wedge..on the wedge,got the flower painting on it..roses..5 inch..haha dats the reason why i didnt buy it..but then after i get back, i felt like 'OMG dat wedges is just so Gorgie!' I want it for sure..=P

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