Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fashion: New Obsession-Chunky Heels

So hey! people new obsession..include my bff,EYDA..she love this !,this chunky heels..oke at first, we can see or maybe only me(if u guys have seen others before it) Miu Miu have their very own cute Chunky Heels..but the design of the heels is not attract me much..u know all those 'bird like' , 'flower2' heels design..i amm not into that kind of design..u know,more like classy or vintage 2 say..=P

So,i just go through the powerful Google Chrome(that can be use 4 assignment also very quick=P) and i find all this nice and beautiful design of Chunky Heels. But most of all, this 1 under here is my DIE HARD for design..leopard..u know me..=)

i heart this 1! by Jeffrey Campbell



Viktor & Rolf
All must know this heels rite?by Miu Miu
By hell yah!im not working yet to have such a thick notes in my bank to buy all this brands Chunky heels..but still, i will try to find mine only at the random store..vincci maybe?huh i cant imagine their shoes(not like it dat much)haha so no matter what,just remind this-

"Wear anything that you feels comfortable with, buy what you think you worth for, and dont just look at the brand because what makes a women's beautiful is the way how they look at their self..walk with confidence the u will feel it!"

*forget about d price tag

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