Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Be-Inspired by Christian Louboutin!

OMG! i wish 1day i will have one..not much but just 1 is enuf..Cristian Louboutin..this guy is a masterpiece..im in love with all d heels design from him..this France designer inspired me!

"As a child, Louboutin would regularly sneak out of school, from the age of 12, to visit the flea market of Vila do Conde, where all the gipsies loved his shoes. Although Louboutin faced much opposition following his decision to leave school so early, he claims that his resolve was strengthened after watching an interview on TV with Sophia Loren in which she introduced her sister, saying she had to leave school when she was only 12 but when she turned 50 she got her degree."[wikipedia]

In his U.S. trademark application, Louboutin explains the inception of the signature red soles:

"In 1992 I incorporated the red sole into the design of my shoes. This happened by accident as I felt that the shoes lacked energy so I applied red nail polish to the sole of a shoe. This was such a success that it became a permanent fixture."

look at all his design..i heart him! <3


DIY-makeUp Brushes holdeR

i've made some change 2 my brush holder..i just add that cute heart shape,d black one there..=) the result after i've done everything..i used d colorful sand from a pet shop..actually use for fish in aquarium..i like it how its turn 2 be a cute brush holder!=)

psstt..dat book behind d jar wif a women pixa is actually what i called my "Buku Berangan" haha i use it 2 write down, or draw any thing that i wanted..now u've already know my secret..hehe u can have it too..only if u like it..=)

*weeeheeee! this is my DIY-makeUp brushes holder before i add dat cute HEART SHAPE!actually i want 2 have d square glass vase but couldnt find it here..IKEA have it but 2 far from Kajang..so i decide just to have this..next time i will make d square 1 for sure!you shud have urs too..=)

things needed:
1)cookie jar[mine from Giant rm3/1]
2)Wrapping paper
4)Pink feather[from stationary book store]
5)Red+Pink Ribbon[any color will do]
6)Purple stripe
7)beads or anything 2 feel in d jar

by looking only at d picture,u must know how to make it rite?*btw,i got that red lil box here from a flower shop..got it only for rm2!i used it 2 put all my rings on it..=)



Weekend..just go out with my boyie..The Mines..

nyum2..i got my marshmallow! *weeheeee..thanks bby!muacxkx!
with love;
cimieko <3

Sweet-20th Fara!

suprise!haha on 17th july..its my besty bufday..fara farhana..me n other fren planned on her bufday suprise..thanks 2 Ika,farizul,Biskot and not 2 forget my BF too..hehe

happy 20th bufday dear! <3 muachhx!
me,Fara and ika..=)

not 2 forget,thanks 2 my boyfie..<3

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