Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DIY-makeUp Brushes holdeR

i've made some change 2 my brush holder..i just add that cute heart shape,d black one there..=) the result after i've done everything..i used d colorful sand from a pet shop..actually use for fish in aquarium..i like it how its turn 2 be a cute brush holder!=)

psstt..dat book behind d jar wif a women pixa is actually what i called my "Buku Berangan" haha i use it 2 write down, or draw any thing that i wanted..now u've already know my secret..hehe u can have it too..only if u like it..=)

*weeeheeee! this is my DIY-makeUp brushes holder before i add dat cute HEART SHAPE!actually i want 2 have d square glass vase but couldnt find it here..IKEA have it but 2 far from Kajang..so i decide just to have this..next time i will make d square 1 for sure!you shud have urs too..=)

things needed:
1)cookie jar[mine from Giant rm3/1]
2)Wrapping paper
4)Pink feather[from stationary book store]
5)Red+Pink Ribbon[any color will do]
6)Purple stripe
7)beads or anything 2 feel in d jar

by looking only at d picture,u must know how to make it rite?*btw,i got that red lil box here from a flower shop..got it only for rm2!i used it 2 put all my rings on it..=)


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